Pole prediction status

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I have managed to deploy a version to the server. You can login with your email address, which it sends a login code to. With this the last weekend before the start of the formula one season, I'm cutting things mighty finely.

The major thing left to do before Friday, is make the site look nice, or at least reasonable. Give it some styling. My plan is to experiment with elm-tailwind-modules.

Functionality wise, almost everything is working, though I need to separate the admin and user roles. There is currently no leaderboard, I figure worst case scenario I can get away without that until the next race.

There is also as yet no highlights mode, I figure that's not really high on people's priority list yet.

I also wished to have a season-prediction, involving at least the teams, to get an ordering of the constructors' championship. I haven't done this yet, so I may have to manually add entries to that after the fact, but we'll see, I might find time this week to do it.